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Converse County Community Services Block Grant 

Our office is by appointment only during the COVID-19 Emergency.

Please Choose 

from the above tabs to begin your application for assistance.
Please be patient. It may take 1-2 days to receive a response.  


“Converse County Community Services Block Grant is dedicated to reducing poverty by empowering people through education, advocacy, crisis intervention

and by providing opportunities towards self-sufficiency

through partnerships with local and regional organizations”.

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Now from the convenience of your

Cell Phone you can get assistance.

Complete our financial assistance application through your smart phone and upload your documents via your phone. You can even sign right on your phone!

What kind of assistance is available?

We can help with utilities, rent, food, and possibly more. We have partnerships and multiple funding sources that we use depending on your income and circumstances to help you get back on your way to self-sufficiency. 

Working Coffee
  • Tool Box Courses
    Tool Box Courses
    Time is TBD
    Online or in Person
    Online or in Person
    Online or in Person
    This course is intended to help anyone gain skills they may not have had the opportunity to learn. We will go over materials that will help you gain a better understanding of yourself. By going through journaling, goals, self-esteem, etiquette, self-confidence, identifying thought patterns and more
  • Budgeting & Cyber Course
    Budgeting & Cyber Course
    Online or in Person
    Online or in Person
    Online or in Person
    Online or in Person Code - NJVNXS
  • CNA 1 Or CNA 2 or Med tech
    CNA 1 Or CNA 2 or Med tech
    Time is TBD
    Douglas, Douglas, WY 82633, USA
    Douglas, Douglas, WY 82633, USA
    Grants available apply to see if you qualify.

GIVE TODAY TO HELP Assist Local Converse COunty Familes oranizations and individuals

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